HITECH + HIPAA Compliant Secure File Tracking

Know when, where, and who opened your documents.

1. Select and Share Documents

Share confidential documents securely using our application, a link, or send them as you normally would.


2. Document Settings

Configure many different options when it comes to your files. Password protection, location tracking, and alerts are a few.

3. Document Analytics

Once the file is sent, you can monitor where, and when the document was opened. 

About us

Document security is our passion

We believe that you should have full control of your documents even after they are provided to someone else. 

Legal documents, pitch decks, corporate financials, and patient charts are the most common uses. No matter what you are sending, know what happens to the file next.

File Analytics

File analytics

We’ve built exceptional software with our clients for almost a decade. Along with developing web applications, we take pride in creating processes that help our clients execute sustainably over the long haul.

  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Other

Healthcare Professionals, Lawyers, Investors, and more.

We love our clients, and are committed to your file security.

As a therapist, I have to send a ton of patient charts. I used to email them, but now I can securely protect them and know what happens after they are sent.

After years of using other applications to do the same task, I am set on FileHero.

Stella Andrews
Chief Technology Officer

I was sending my confidential financials along with a pitch deck to a prospective investor. I saw that they opened the documents a few times over the next month. It was nice to see they were interested without having to reach out a few times and sound desperate.

Naomi Earns

We always use an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), before we send private files, or financials. In the past we would hope the files were stored, and kept private. Now we know if they are or aren’t.

Thomas Bernstein

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